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Studies Abroad Compensation

Responsible Department
Center for Global Engagement
Effective Date
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    The purpose of this policy is to clearly outline the procedure for determining compensation for UNG Faculty members participating in a UNG Study Abroad Program.

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    1. Payment for Program Directors

      1. Compensation discussed in this policy is for work which contributes directly to a specific UNG program held outside of the United States, and is in addition to any compensation earned by the faculty member for work not related to the program.  This policy is also to be used to formulate the compensation for faculty who are teaching on a consortia program.

      2. Program Directors who are attending the program in full and traveling with students may receive up to $3,000, prior to taxes, in compensation for their activities prior to and during the study abroad. The amount earned is determined by the chair of the faculty member’s department and the Dean of the College housing the faculty member. 

      3. Program Directors who do not attend the study abroad may be compensated between $500 and $1,000, prior to taxes, depending on the intensity of the organization and recruitment efforts (examples: participation in all study abroad fairs and recruitment activities as well as pre-departure orientations and activities related to the study abroad). This compensation will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the chair of the faculty member’s department and the Dean of the College housing the faculty member. 

    2. Payment for Teaching Faculty

      1. Compensation shall be set at a rate of $100.00 per student, per credit hour taught during the study abroad, up to a maximum of ten students.

        1. Class size may exceed ten, but there will be no additional compensation for the additional students. (e.g. A 3 hour course would generate compensation to the teacher of $300 per student up to the maximum compensation of $3,000.)

        2. This only includes courses directly taught by the UNG faculty member and is not inclusive of courses where the faculty member only serves as the instructor of record. 

        3. If a Program Director traveling with the program also teaches during that program, teaching compensation is earned in addition to compensation for being the Program Director. 
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    Support Info

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    Any related operational procedures must comply with and reference this policy.

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