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Student Travel

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    Policy Purpose

    The purpose of this policy is to clearly articulate standards for complying with Board of Regents and other state and federal regulations concerning student travel. This policy shall provide guidelines with regard to accounting and documentation requirements pertaining to student travel. Additional rules and regulations may apply, depending on the circumstances surrounding each instance of student travel.

    This Policy is to address instances in which students may be traveling on official University business without being related to course work, study abroad, Continuing Education or athletic team and recruiting travel, to ensure that the University maintains compliance with BOR policy in these instances.

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    Policy Statement

    1. A currently enrolled UNG student may on occasion travel on official University business with a description of the service provided to the University. The travel should be in direct correlation to the mission of the University and benefit to the University.  The primary purpose of the student’s participation must be as a service to the institution.

    2. A student pre-travel authorization form must accompany the travel expense statement.  The student pre-travel authorization form will require the description of the service/benefit to the University.

    3. Funding of the type of travel should be indicative of the purpose.  For example, E&G funds should not be used for travel related to Student Activity Fees, Student Athletic Fees or any other fee specific expenditure.  Georgia State Accounting Office travel regulations will apply.

    4. A student employee may be reimbursed for travel for expenses associated with their job duties. Approval and reimbursement will follow the Georgia State-Wide Travel Regulations for employees.

    5. Students may be reimbursed using student activity funds if travel is related to programs that promote the mission of the University and if approved and budgeted by the Student Government Association.
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    Support Information

    1. Student travel regulations are addressed in several different sections of the USG Board of Regents Business Procedures Manual (BPM).

      • Section 19.9 Non-Employee Travel:

        Students authorized to travel for participation in academic programs and sanctioned student events to include athletic and recruiting events.  Students include individuals enrolled to take classes at an institution, including students enrolled in Continuing Education, and individuals being recruited as potential students.

        Research, academic conference, or academic event travel funded by a grant award to the institution in those instances when the grant award specifically authorizes payment for non-employee travel in support of research, academic conference or academic event.

        The BPM also states that, “reimbursement of authorized travel expenses is subject to the allowable limits and conditions as discussed in BPM Section 4.4 through 4.9. All travel expenses in these categories should be charged to account 6501XX and properly documented using a travel form designed for that purpose."

    2. Additionally, BPM Section 4.0 “Travel” is also applicable. This Policy is also governed by and must be in compliance with all rules and regulations imposed by the State Travel Office of Georgia.
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    Any operating procedures developed must comply with and should reference to this policy.

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