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Student Activity Funds

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    The purpose of this policy is to clearly state the procedures for managing the allocation of student activity funds.

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    Please see the University System of Georgia Business Procedures Manual at:

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    1. “Each institution shall recommend to the Board of Regents the amount of student activity fees to be charged to its students. The Board, after investigation by its staff, shall approve or disapprove the recommendation. When approved by the Board, such fees are mandatory and the fees as collected are subject to the control and audit of the Board of Regents and institutions concerned.  To insure the legal expenditure of such funds, the President and the chief business officer of each institution shall annually review the budget for the proposed use of such fees and the President shall certify to the Board of Regents that the proposed expenditure for such fees are for purposes for the benefit of the students.  All student activity fees collected by an institution shall be budgeted and administered by the President, using proper administrative procedures, which shall include the advice and counsel of an advisory committee composed of at least fifty percent students. All payments from student activity fee funds shall be made according to the appropriate business practices of the institution. All payments from student activity funds shall be made by the chief business officer of the institution upon receipt of a properly approved invoice or contract.”

    2. The primary budgeting committee for student activity funds at University of North Georgia is the Student Government Association. Campus activities or organizations requesting student activity funds are to submit, each year, a budget request to the Vice President of Student Affairs with a copy to the Student Government Association. The Student Government Association, in consultation with the Vice President for Student Affairs, will prepare and submit a budget for the next fiscal year.

    3. When the Student Government Association and its committees are satisfied that the budget is in good order the committees will forward the budget to the Vice President. The Vice President for Student Affairs will then forward recommendations to the President with a copy to the Vice President for Business & Finance. The President will then approve the final budget proposal and forward it to the Board of Regents. Copies of the final budget will be distributed by the Vice President for Business & Finance to the President, Vice President for Student Affairs and the President of the Student Government Association. The Vice President for Student Affairs will notify each funded activity of their approved allocation for the year. It is essential that each funded area exercise responsibility in the expenditure of their budget during fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Budget deficits may result in a discontinuance of an activity, and deficits from one year may be applied to next year’s budget by reducing next year’s funding level. All expenditures of student activity funds, with the exception of the Office of Student Activities, must be approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs before the Business Office will process them.

    4. The Business Office will record all authorized transactions and submit statements which show the accumulation of expenditures and income. Monthly reports will be sent by the Business Office to the Vice President for Student Affairs for proper distribution.

    5. At the close of each fiscal year (June 30) excess funds remaining in any account will be automatically placed in and added to the student activity fund balance unless other arrangements have been authorized by the Vice President for Student Affairs. As a general rule, no activity will be allowed to carry forward a positive balance into the next fiscal year. The accumulated funds in the student activity fund balance are to be used only in the event of emergency or for special projects. Request for expenditures in the special projects category must be made to the Vice President for Student Affairs who is responsible for authorizing all expenditures from this account.
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    Support Info

    1. For any additional clarification, please contact the Comptroller’s Office.

    2. This document replaces North Georgia College & State University/University of North Georgia Policy and Procedure 714.2 which was in effect from July 1, 2004 through the effective date of this policy.
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    Any related operating procedures must comply with and reference this policy.

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