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SMMC Emergency Loan Program

Responsible Department
Student Affairs
Effective Date
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    The Student Money Management Center Emergency Loan Program has been established through the University of North Georgia Foundation, Inc. to provide financial relief to students at the University of North Georgia, (the “University”) through its Student Money Management Center (SMMC) department, who are experiencing an unexpected financial need which will prevent the student from continued enrollment at the University.

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    1. Administration Fee: a one-time fee, the lesser, of 10% of the Principle Amount or $25 to help offset the cost of administering the loan

    2. Borrower: the student requesting the loan

    3. Principle Amount: the initial amount of money approved to be loaned to the student before the Administrative Fee is added

    4. Repayment Period: the length of time frame in weeks or months which the loan has to be repaid in full. This will be determined by the student’s ability to fully repay, but shall not exceed a maximum period of 6 months from issuance.

    5. Student Money Management Center (SMMC) Representative: A person authorized by the Student Money Management Center to provide financial advice
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    1. Emergency Loans are interest-free, short-term, loans available to currently enrolled full-time students of University of North Georgia and are subject to availability of funds. Loans cannot exceed $500 during the Fall and Spring academic semesters or $150 during the summer academic semester. The maximum Repayment Period is six months. The loan can be used to finance emergency living expenses for which resources are temporarily unavailable such as food, rent, childcare, etc. Emergency Loans cannot be approved to pay University charges such as tuition, books, or on campus housing since these are planned expenses.

    2. Eligibility

      A student must meet all of the following requirements to be eligible for a SMMC emergency loan.

      1. Must be a currently enrolled University of North Georgia student and of legal age with in the State of Georgia which is at least 18 years of age.

      2. The current semester must be in session at the time the loan is disbursed.

      3. Must not have outstanding financial obligations to the University.

      4. Must demonstrate financial need. Financial need may be established by presenting a bill, estimate for services rendered, legal contract or other compelling evidence to a SMMC Representative.

      5. Must demonstrate the ability to repay the loan.

      6. Must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA.

    3. In the event the Borrower withdraws from the University prior to the repayment date, the Principle Amount plus Administrative Fee will become due and payable immediately.

    4. SMMC emergency loan funds may not be used for current tuition, on-campus housing, prior balances or study abroad payment. Loans will be made payable directly to the landlord, company or vendor which has caused the hardship. The loan may be payable directly to the student upon approval by SMMC.
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    Support Info

    For any additional clarification please contact the Student Money Management Center at

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    Any related operating procedures must comply with and should reference this policy.

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