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Purchasing Card (P-Card)

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    The purpose of this policy is to establish the University of North Georgia (UNG or the University) policy for the State of Georgia Purchasing Card (P-Card) by University employees.

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    1. Cardholder – A State employee to whom a P-Card was issued.

    2. Cardholder Approving Official – A cardholder approving official is a University employee who approves P-Card transactions and monthly statements which includes, but is not limited to the director/supervisor of a cardholder, department head, dean, vice president, director, and or/business manager.
    3. Purchasing Card (P-Card): A charge card issued by a credit card company, bank or other financial institution and provided by the State of Georgia or any of its departments or agencies under the State of Georgia Purchasing Card Program to state employees for the purpose of making small dollar purchases on behalf of such departments or agencies of the state.
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    1. The University adheres to the Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) State Purchasing Division (SPD) and the Board of Regents (BOR) of the University System of Georgia (USG) policies, procedures and guidelines for P-Card use.

    2. This policy was created to establish University policy for additional P-Card purchasing restrictions due to state continuous audit requirements.
    3. This policy provides University P-Card holders, cardholder approvers and budget owners/approvers with the reference and web links to the University Purchasing Card Procedures where procedures, violation information, and forms are available.
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    Support Info

    1. Individuals in violation of this policy are subject to a range of sanctions including, but not limited to, temporary or permanent suspension of cardholder privileges, other disciplinary action, or dismissal from the University and/or legal actions.

    2. The DOAS State of Georgia Purchasing Card Program Policy also requires every cardholder to adhere to the policies governing the use of the state P-Card. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action up to and including employment termination.  Additionally, such failure could result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law including financial restitution and criminal prosecution. 

    3. P-Card violation procedures are documented in the University Purchasing Card Procedures.


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    1. Any operating procedures developed must comply with and reference this policy.

    2. The Purchasing Department manages the UNG Purchasing Card Procedures.  Cardholders and approvers must adhere to the below procedures/policies associated with this policy:
      1. DOAS, State of Georgia P-Card Program Policy can be found at:

      2. BOR Policy Manual, Section 7.7 Purchasing can be found at:

      3. UNG Purchasing Card Procedures can be found at:

      4. USG Business Procedures Manual, Section 3.3 Purchasing Cards

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