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Political Events and Activities

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    The University of North Georgia (the “University”) is a state supported public institution of higher education. The responsibility for educating and training the future leaders of the state and nation carries with it a duty to adhere to the highest ethical standards and principles. In fulfilling its multiple missions as an institution of higher education, the University encourages the free exchange of ideas. In accordance with the University Policy on Expressive Activity, the University will protect the freedoms of speech, expression, petition, and peaceful assembly, while maintaining its right to impose reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions concerning acts of expression and dissent.

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    1. Recognized Student Organizations or RSO: Any number of persons who have complied with the formal requirement for University recognition including Fraternities, Sororities, Chapters and Student Clubs, the Corps of Cadets and affiliated Co-curricular Clubs.

    2. University Official: Any person (faculty or staff) who is employed by the University, and who performs assigned administrative or professional responsibilities.

    3. University Premises or Facilities: Includes all land, building, facilities, and other property in the possession of or owned, used, contracted with, or controlled by the University (including adjacent streets and sidewalks).
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      1. In order to maintain its integrity as a public institution, it is critical that the University maintain neutrality in regard to any partisan political activity. The University cannot endorse, support or promote any political candidate (either incumbents or new office seekers, members of their staffs, or their campaign representatives) or any partisan political activity. Further, it is the intent and expectation of the University that all faculty, staff, and students avoid any behavior that could reasonably be interpreted as official University endorsement, support, or promotion of political candidates or partisan political activities. Questions regarding proposed political activity should be directed to University Relations or the General Counsel.

      2. Nothing in these rules should be construed to limit the right or ability of any member of the University community to express personal opinions or to exercise his or her right to engage in political activities outside his or her official capacity or affiliation with the University, within the limits of the policy requirements for the University of North Georgia and the University System of Georgia.

      3. Many members of the University Community may be members of professional associations that also engage in political activities or initiatives to influence federal or state legislation. Employees, acting in their personal capacity and participating in political activity coordinated by the professional association, should take care to emphasize they are not University spokespersons. Requests to participate in political activities or initiatives on behalf of the University or using the symbols, insignias, or other identifying marks of the University should be submitted to University Relations for consideration by the President.


      1. No University employee shall expend or authorize the expenditure of any University funds, services, supplies, equipment, machinery or vehicles in a political campaign.

      2. The President may authorize the use of University Facilities for political speeches; however, such use shall be limited to events sponsored by Recognized Student Organizations of the University and shall be held only at places designated by the President.


      The University prohibits the use of any of its symbols, insignias, or other identifying marks by its employees, Recognized Student Organizations or athletic teams, in association with any activity that involves the endorsement, support, or promotion of political candidates or partisan political activities. For purposes of this rule, the prohibition includes, but is not necessarily limited to, all registered marks and all official insignia, uniforms, landmarks, or licensed songs that may be reasonably identified with the University. Questions regarding proposed use of the University symbols, insignias, or other identifying marks should be directed to the Office of University Relations.


      University employees must comply with Board of Regents Policy Manual section which includes the following rules for political activities:

      1. Employees may not manage or take an active part in a political campaign which interferes with the performance of duties or services for which he or she receives compensation from the USG.

      2. Employees may not hold elective political office at the state or federal level.

      3. Employees seeking elective political office at the state or federal level must first request a leave of absence without pay beginning prior to qualification as a candidate in a primary or general election and ending after the general or final election. If elected to state or federal office such person must resign prior to assuming office.

      4. Employees may seek and hold elective office at other than the state or federal level, or appointive office, when such candidacy for or holding of the office does not conflict or interfere with the employee’s duties and responsibilities to the University or the USG.


      1. In the spirit of maintaining a “marketplace of ideas,” officially Recognized Student Organizations may sponsor partisan political activities or events on campus in accordance with all applicable University rules as set forth in the Student Code of Conduct.

      2. In sponsoring a partisan political activity on campus, a Recognized Student Organization or group of Organizations must be responsible for communicating and collaborating with appropriate University Officials about the event and cannot delegate any responsibility for the event to non-student organizations unless mutually agreed upon by appropriate University Officials, the sponsoring organization, and the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.


      The University reserves the right to require that a statement be made prior to the presentation of any speaker that the views expressed are not necessarily those of the University or the sponsoring group.
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    Any related operating procedures must comply with and should reference this policy.

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