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Outside Employment and Activities

Responsible Department
Human Resources
Effective Date
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    The purpose of this policy is to ensure that outside employment and activities of UNG employees do not adversely affect the University.

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    1. Employees may not accept or retain outside employment or responsibilities which would result in ethical, legal, financial, or other conflicts or competition with the interests and purposes of UNG.

    2. Equipment, supplies, materials or services of UNG may not be used in support of outside employment.

    3. Employees who wish to engage in outside employment or activities that conflict with their UNG responsibilities must obtain the approval of their manager and functional Vice President, utilizing a “Request to Engage in Outside Employment/Activities” form prior to making a commitment.

    4. If, while engaged in outside employment or activities, an employee represents himself or herself as affiliated with UNG any reports generated by the employee must state that the work represents the opinion of the author and carries no official endorsement by UNG.

    5. Employees who have questions regarding possible conflicts of interest should seek advice from their management or the Department of Human Resources.
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    Support Info

    The University of North Georgia expects that all of its employees are professionally committed to their UNG responsibilities.  The University also supports employees who wish to engage in outside employment or activities which contribute to their professional development or serve the community, as long as such efforts are consistent with UNG objectives and do not interfere with the regular and punctual discharge of University duties.

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    Any related operating procedures must comply with and should reference this policy.

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