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Open Records Act

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    The purpose of this policy is to ensure efficiency and compliance with the Georgia Open Records Act OCGA 50-18-70 et seq.

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    Open Records Act Officer:  Pursuant to OCGA 50-18-71(b)(1)(B) the President of the University has designated an Open Records Act Officer.  At the University of North Georgia, this individual is the Risk Management & Compliance Director.

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    1. Any University employee who receives a request for records should immediately notify the Open Records Act Officer and direct the request or individual making the request to the Open Records Act Officer.

    2. The Open Records Act Officer is responsible for compliance with the Open Records Act.

    3. All University employees should assist the Open Records Act Officer in timely responses to any Open Records Act requests.

    4. Please note that all requests, whether verbal or in writing, should be considered formal open records requests. Any requestor may submit a written request under the law if they so desire, however, it is not required that a request be made in writing.

    5. Employees may request free copies of their personnel file maintained by the Office of Human Resources. Any additional information requested by employees will be treated as an Open Records Act request.
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    Support Info

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    1. Requests for University records should be directed to the University’s Open Records Act Officer at   Additional contact information is available at

    2. When a request is received, the Open Records Act Officer will work with the requestor to determine which records will best provide them the information desired.

    3. The Open Records Act Officer will contact the University employees to determine whether documents related to the request exist, how voluminous they might be, and how much time might be required to search and assemble them.

    4. Within three business days of receiving the request, the Open Records Act Officer will notify the requestor of the existence of records, an estimate of the cost of searching, assembling and copying, and obtain authorization to proceed with responding to the request. If the requestor wishes to proceed with the request and agrees to pay the associated costs, the Open Records Act Officer will work with the necessary departments to gather the records and provide them as promptly as possible to the requestor.

    5. The Open Records Act Officer will maintain a log and all supporting documentation of compliance for each request submitted to the University.  At a minimum, this information will include the following:

      1. Name of the requestor;

      2. The organization, if applicable;

      3. The initial request date;

      4. The nature of the request and the records requested;

      5. The disposition of the request; and

      6. A copy of any records provided.

    6. The Open Records Act Officer will maintain, retain, and destroy Open Records and related documents in compliance with the Georgia Open Records Act and University System of Georgia Records Retention Schedule.

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