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Learning Support Programs

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Learning Support
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    This document explains how University of North Georgia (“University”), an institution governed by the University System of Georgia (USG), meets compliance with the USG Learning Support Program requirements as outlined by the Board of Regents.

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    Learning Support: A USG program for entering students who are ineligible for admission to the regular college curriculum. The program is designed to help these students develop their basic skills in English (reading/writing) and/or Math in order to better prepare them to undertake college-level coursework.

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    The USG Academic Affairs Handbook, section 2.9.1, Section III, contains rules regarding LS Program Operation. In accordance with those rules:

    1. The University provides Co-Requisite Learning Support English, Co-Requisite Learning Support Math for non-STEM/non-Business majors (non-algebra track), and Co-Requisite Learning Support Math for STEM/Business majors (algebra track). Co-Requisite coursework combines a college-level core curriculum English or Math course along with a just-in-time-remediation support course.

    2. The University provides Foundations-level LS English and Math for students whose COMPASS scores indicate the need for a full semester of remediation prior to taking Co-Requisite Learning Support.

    3. University Learning Support coursework is structured so that students with Foundations requirements can complete all LS requirements within two semesters – one semester in Foundations, followed by one semester in Co-Requisite. Students who place directly into Co-Requisite Learning Support can complete their LS requirements in one semester.

    4. The University offers Learning Support coursework in English and in Math, offering students with Learning Support Math requirements the option of a non-STEM/non-Business pathway (non-algebra track) and a STEM/Business (algebra track) pathway.

    5. The Learning Support department advises every new student with Learning Support requirements regarding the USG Learning Support policies, and places them in the course/s necessary to fulfill their Learning Support requirements.

    6. The University adheres to the USG transfer admission policy as outlined in the Academic Affairs Handbook, Section 3.3

    7. The University does not use Learning Support credit (courses carrying numbers 0999 and below) to satisfy any core curriculum requirements, and does not use grades earned in Learning Support in the calculation of students’ GPA.

    8. The University uses grades of A, B, C, IP, F, WF, W, WM, and U for Learning Support coursework, as detailed in Board of Regents Policy 3.5

    9. The USG Academic Affairs Handbook, section 2.9.1, Section IV, details USG-mandated Enrollment in Learning Support Courses. In compliance with those rules:

      a. The University requires all students with Learning Support requirements to enroll in their  Learning Support coursework every semester until satisfied.
      b. The University restricts the course load of any student who has accumulated 30 semester hours of credit without having satisfied his/her Learning Support requirements.

    10. The Learning Support Department requires mandatory advisement of students with LS requirements to assure compliance with USG LS policies.
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    Any related operating procedures must comply with and should reference this policy.

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