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Guest Housing

Responsible Department
Auxiliary Services
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    The purpose of this policy is to establish the terms and conditions of Guest housing that is available to University of North Georgia departments for visiting faculty, staff and guests.

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    1. Sponsor:  Entity responsible for specified costs of inviting a Guest to the University campus.

    2. Guest/Tenant:  Individual(s) who occupy a housing unit maintained by UNG Auxiliary Services.
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    Policy Statement

    1. UNG’s Office of Auxiliary Services maintains several rental housing units, which are administered by the Executive Director of Auxiliary Services.  Administrative duties include, but are not limited to: financial administration, rental rates/adjustments, housing regulations, and reservations.

    2. Sponsoring University Departments are responsible for the rental fees of its Guest(s).

    3. Housing will be based on availability and a unit will only be reserved once a formal request has been submitted by the Sponsoring department, if applicable, and approved by Auxiliary Services.

    4. Auxiliary Services has established the following regulations to help ensure the personal safety of each Guest and the protection of University property.  Guests and Sponsors, if applicable, are responsible for familiarizing themselves with these regulations and abiding by them during their stay on campus.  Violation of these regulations could result in excessive cleaning or damage charges, removal from housing and/or criminal arrest.

      1. ALCOHOL

        The possession or consumption of alcohol in Guest housing is only permitted by persons of legal drinking age.  The violation of any Georgia alcohol regulation is prohibited.


        If a unit has a basement or attic space, these spaces must remain locked and are not part of the rented unit.

      3. CLEANING

        With the exception of The Guest House at Sunset Drive, the house will NOT be cleaned during your stay.  Please use the cleaning supplies provided to clean the property.  Notify Auxiliary Services if additional supplies are needed.

        The Guest House at Sunset Drive:  UNG staff will clean the commons areas of the Guest House during the hours of 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. two days a week.  The bedroom and bathroom of individual guests will NOT be cleaned during the rental period.  Guests should use the supplies provided to clean their bedroom and bathroom.


        Painting or altering the appearance of any room is prohibited.  Please do not adhere anything to the walls that could damage the walls when removed.

      5. DEPARTURE

        Upon departure, guests shall remove all trash from the unit and remove personal items from the refrigerator and cabinets.  Guests shall schedule a walk-thru of the unit at least one week prior to their departure.  The Guest’s Sponsor, if applicable, and a representative from Auxiliary Services will perform the walk-thru with the Tenant.  The unit must be clean and in the same condition as it was at the beginning of the rental.

      6. DRUGS

        The possession or use of any illegal drug or narcotic is prohibited on UNG campus including Guest housing.

      7. FIRE SAFETY

        Fire extinguishers and emergency contact information shall be provided in the common areas of property.  Guests should familiarize yourself with the location of these items.

      8. FURNITURE

        All furniture must remain in the rooms.  Please do not move furniture between rooms, into the common areas or outside.

      9. KEYS

        There will be a $25 per key fee for any key not returned upon departure.  Keys are property of UNG and guests are prohibited from making copies.  Guests should contact Auxiliary Services if they become locked out of their property during business hours.  After hours, they should contact Public Safety for access.


        Any maintenance or repair needs should be directed to UNG Auxiliary Services during normal business hours, Monday-Fridays.  Please note that during Summer Hours, Auxiliary Services closes Fridays at noon.  If there is an emergency, such as a water leak, please contact Campus Police.

      11. NOISE

        Please be considerate of the other Guests and keep the noise level to a minimum.

      12. PARKING

        Guests must register their vehicles with Parking Services.

      13. PETS

        Pets are not allowed in guest housing.  Service animals are an exception with prior authorization from Auxiliary Services.  Auxiliary Services requires a 30-day notice prior to the arrival of a guest that a service animal is needed.

      14. SECURITY

        Please lock the exterior doors of the property, to include your assigned bedroom, upon leaving.  The key must be kept in your possession and shall not be shared with anyone else.  Report any suspicious persons or activity to UNG Police immediately.


        UNG is a tobacco and smoke-free campus.  See policy in the UNG Policy Database.


        All trash must be disposed of properly.  Inside and outside trash containers are provided for your use.

      17. VISITORS

        As a courtesy to other Guests in shared housing, Guests may not have overnight visitors stay with them in their unit or within the common areas of the property unless prior authorization is obtained from Auxiliary Services.  If a spouse of a Guest accompanies the Guest, they must share the room with the Guest and there may be an additional daily charge assessed.  Minors are not allowed to stay with a Guest in any of the Guest housing unless the Guest rents the entire property.   Please call Auxiliary Services to check entire property availability.

      18. WEAPONS

        Please refer to UNG Campus Carry Information.


        If the unit has window screens and/or blinds, those must remain in place at all times.  Please do not attach anything to the blinds to include clotheslines or clothes hangers.
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    1. Reservations must be requested using one of the Application Forms available on the Auxiliary Services web page.

    2. Rent payment is handled through Auxiliary Services either by check (short-term rental), payroll deduction thru the UNG Business Office (required for monthly rentals to UNG employees) or internal billing through the sponsoring department. Rent is due on the day the rental begins. If a monthly Tenant moves into a unit in mid-month, rent will be prorated to include only the days the Tenant occupies the unit.  Monthly Tenants are required to provide a 30-day notice prior to departure.  Rental rates include electricity, natural gas, water/sewer, internet and trash collection.

    3. No security deposit is required.  As stated in the departure regulation above, prior to departure, the Guest will walk thru the unit with their Sponsor, if Sponsored by a University Department, and Auxiliary Services personnel to assure that the unit is in the same condition as it was prior to the rental.

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