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Faculty Housing

Responsible Department
Auxiliary Services
Effective Date
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    The purpose of this policy is to clearly explain the terms and conditions of faculty housing which is available to University of North Georgia (University) employees

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    Faculty Housing is designed as long-term, apartment style housing, with stays from three months to two years. Faculty housing is administered by the Director of Auxiliary Services. This includes, but is not limited to: financial administration, rental rates and adjustments, and approval of improvements and expenditures.

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    Support Info

    1. Units are available by reservation with Auxiliary Services on a first come, first serve basis.

    2. Reservation must be made at least thirty days prior to first day of occupancy, and it is recommended that reservations be made ninety days in advance of anticipated occupancy date.

    3. Rent payment is handled by the Business Office as a payroll deduction. Payroll deductions begin on the day of the month that keys were picked up. If a tenant moves into or out of a unit in mid-month, rent will be prorated to include only the days the tenant occupies the unit. Military personnel that are tenants and receive their pay from the Military rather than from the University will be billed from the Office of Auxiliary Services on a monthly basis.

    4. The maximum length of occupancy for any tenant from the date of initial occupancy, including all lease renewals, shall not exceed two (2) years.

    5. Security deposits are due and payable upon signing the lease agreement. Tenants are required to submit the equivalent of one month’s rent as a security deposit, prior to occupancy. Auxiliary Services will inspect each unit prior to occupancy with the potential tenant, if requested.

    6. Keys for units are issued by the Office of Auxiliary Services. Keys are issued only during normal working hours, Monday through Friday, and only after a lease agreement has been executed. Security deposits must be made before keys are issued.

    7. All tenants are required to make arrangements for utility connections with the appropriate utility company. Tenants may be required to submit deposits for utility connection. Cable TV is also available.

    8. Pets are not allowed in Faculty Housing units.

    9. Prior to occupancy, each unit will be thoroughly cleaned.

    10. All units will be equipped with a cooking range and refrigerator as a minimum.

    11. Normal repairs and maintenance of units are provided through Physical Plant. Should a repair be necessary, a work order will be completed by the Auxiliary Services staff after notification from tenant.

    12. Normally, Auxiliary Services will attempt to have each unit painted (interior) prior to a tenant occupying the unit. However, because of a limited staff, and should circumstances arise, Auxiliary Services will provide all necessary materials to include paint, brushes, rollers, drop cloths, etc., if the tenant will provide the necessary labor. Paint will be supplied in an off white color only. If a tenant chooses to paint their interior walls with a color other than off white, the tenant will be required to paint the interior walls back to the original off white color upon departure of the unit. A fee will be charged for walls that are not returned back to the original color. Written permission would have to be granted from the Director of Auxiliary Services to change the paint color and to approve the paint color. All items supplied are to be returned in proper condition upon completion. Exterior painting is provided on a five year rotating cycle or as needed for each unit.

    13. Requests by tenants to enlarge, alter or provide other services or items not provided routinely will normally be considered on a case by case basis. Requests should be in writing with a full and detailed description of the work requested. Any permanent physical alteration performed by a tenant to a unit is prohibited unless specifically approved by the Director of Auxiliary Services.

    14. Items of personal comfort that are affixed to a housing unit that will not damage a unit upon removal will be allowed. However, it should be understood that if an item is affixed in any way that will cause damage to the unit upon removal, the tenant is liable for damages caused by such removal. The University does not assume responsibility to purchase the item from the tenant.

    15. Grounds maintenance for apartment units is provided by the University. Grounds maintenance of individual single family houses is the responsibility of the tenant. Tenants residing in houses are required to maintain a neat and tidy appearance of the house and lawn areas. Failure to provide the necessary minimum maintenance to insure a satisfactory appearance could result in eviction.

    16. Trash pick-up is provided by the City of Dahlonega and is not optional to city residents.

    17. Because of the limited parking spaces, all tenants are required to obtain the appropriate vehicle registration at Parking Services. Additionally, University vehicles are not available for personal use by tenants for any reason.

    18. The University assumes no responsibility for the personal contents of any unit. Tenants should contact their private insurance agent and obtain a renter’s or tenant’s insurance policy to protect their valuables.

    19. It is incumbent upon all tenants to insure the privacy and good order of the other residents of housing. Unnecessary noise, inappropriate behavior or other behavior deemed to be offensive by other residents could be grounds for eviction.

    20. Units may be sublet by the principal occupant but only after receiving written approval from the Director of Auxiliary Services. The principal occupant is liable for any damage caused by a secondary tenant during the occupancy. The University’s lease is with the principal occupant, and therefore, rent is payable by the principal occupant in the manner normally collected.

    21. The Director of Auxiliary Services should be notified, in writing, of intent to vacate at least 30 days prior to vacating. When all personal items have been removed, Auxiliary Services will conduct a condition inspection upon notification by the tenant. Tenants are required to accompany Auxiliary Services personnel during this inspection. Before a deposit is approved for return, a condition inspection must be completed. The costs of damage, other than normal wear and tear, will be charged against the original damage deposit. Should a tenant vacate prior to the end of the term that a rent adjustment is in effect, the remainder shall be considered due upon vacancy.
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    Any operating procedures developed must comply with and reference this policy.

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