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Employer Recruitment (Career Services)

Responsible Department
Career Services
Effective Date
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    Policy Purpose

    1. The University of North Georgia’s Office of Career Services department helps connect employers with students and alumni. Career Services is comprised of professional staff dedicated to helping employers learn about UNG academic programs, meet key faculty and staff, and successfully recruit from among UNG’s well-prepared students and alumni.

    2. Employers, recruiters, or other professionals interested in connecting with UNG students and alumni through Career Services or other departments/offices of UNG must abide by this policy.

    3. This policy governs the types of employers who may use the services offered by UNG Career Services, as well as the role the University’s Career Services staff serves in assisting hiring professionals. UNG Career Services guidelines adhere to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Principles for Professional Practice from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), and the policies of UNG.
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    Policy Statement

    1. All employers are subject to approval by Career Services to access resources and services provided through the department. Employment professionals from for-profit, non-profit, educational or governmental organizations who offer paid jobs, paid internships or cooperative education opportunities, qualifying unpaid internships, graduate assistant roles, and/or fellowships may list their opportunities through UNG’s career management system.

    2. Employers qualified for job posting privileges also may be eligible for on-campus recruitment or student engagement opportunities, which could include career fairs, information sessions, meetings, etc.

    3. Requirements for Eligibility

      Organizations/proprietors seeking job posting or campus recruiting privileges must:

      1. Have a business license, or be registered as a 501(c) organization, or be a government entity;
      2. Provide the basic company and staff member information required for registration, including organization name, physical address, phone number, email address, company description and contact information for at least one staff member;
      3. Adhere to the equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws;
      4. Not provide services that promote academic dishonesty or plagiarism;
      5. Not sell or dispense substances that are illegal in the state of Georgia or violate federal law;
      6. Not post opportunities to donate biological substances/materials in exchange for payment;
      7. Not provide adult entertainment or services of a sexual nature;
      8. Not have pending legal federal government action against the organization;
      9. Not have a website that requires input of information before seeing the landing page;
      10. Not require purchase of company products in order to start work (with the exception of uniforms), or require purchase of company-provided training before hire;
      11. Not post internships or jobs that are based inside the employer’s personal residence;
      12. Not post internships or jobs requiring residential door-to-door sales; and
      13. Not be third-party recruiters or staffing agencies who charge fees to students/candidates.

    4. Third-party Recruiters

      1. Third-party recruiters posting a job for a client must disclose the client name in the Job Description Box. All positions posted by third-party recruiters without the client name will be deleted from the system.
      2. Third-party recruiters with exclusive contracts will disclose the client name to Career Services, who will keep the company name confidential.
      3. Third-party recruiters may not charge fees to students or alumni candidates for the services they provide.
      4. Third-party recruiters may not share with a third party any UNG student resumes, written materials, or student-produced media without the student’s written permission.
      5. Third-party recruiters are eligible to participate in a career fair only if they are recruiting for their own respective organization or they explicitly state the company they are representing and Career Services confirms the organization(s) will not be attending the same fair. Career Services reserves the right to deny access and participation in career fairs to any third-party employer.

    5. Staffing/Temporary Agencies and Consulting Firms

      1. Staffing and temporary agencies and consulting firms who hire and provide direct payment to employees or contractors may post internships and jobs.
      2. Staffing/temporary agencies and consulting firms may attend career fairs only if they are recruiting employees or contractors for their own organizations.

    6. International Employers

      1. Employers recruiting for work outside of the United States must adhere to the equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws of the United States. The employer will advise Career Services and the students/alumni of the realities of working in that country and of differences in laws and culture.
      2. International employers may post only paid professional jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree or higher. Employers recruiting for internship opportunities may contact UNG’s Center for Global Engagement to inquire about partnership.

    7. Unpaid Internship Postings

      Employers wishing to post unpaid internships must comply with the following:

      1. Explain to Career Services how the organization meets the US Department of Labor’s seven-point test for unpaid interns and students;
      2. Include in the job description specific information about supervision and training provided;
      3. Specify whether the student is expected to seek academic credit; and
      4. The internship must coincide with UNG fall, spring or summer semesters.
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    Any related operating procedures must comply with and should reference this policy.

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