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Class Attendance

Responsible Department
Academic Affairs
Effective Date
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    The purpose of this policy is to articulate the class attendance policy of the University of North Georgia (the “University”).

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    1. University-Sponsored Activities: Include activities related to performance groups, university athletic teams, the Corps of Cadets, the Student Government Association, field trips related to academic courses, as well as any other university-sponsored activities approved by the Provost or Vice President for Student Affairs.

    2. University-Initiated Withdrawal: A withdrawal of a student from a class, classes or the University in a process commenced by the University.
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    1. The University expects students to attend all regularly-scheduled classes for instruction and examination.

    2. The student is responsible for all material presented in class and for all announcements and assignments. Other than for University-Sponsored Activities, the decision to permit students to make up work that is required in any missed class resides with the instructor.

    3. Students who are absent because of University-Sponsored Activities will be permitted to make up any work missed during the absence. Whenever possible, instructors should receive advance notice in writing of absences for University-Sponsored Activities.

    4. The instructor has the authority to grant excused absences for extenuating circumstances, which include hazardous weather conditions, personal hardship, extended illness or hospitalization, family emergencies, or death in the immediate family. Instructors may request documentation to verify the extenuating circumstances.

    5. A University-Initiated Withdrawal may be initiated when a student fails to attend 10% of any class (excluding absences for University-Sponsored Activities). Individual instructors or departments may have attendance policies stricter than that of the University, as long as the policies are clearly stated in the class syllabus.

    6. Students are entitled to due process prior to a University-Initiated Withdrawal.

    7. Any absence problems which cannot be resolved between the instructor and the student are referred immediately to the appropriate Department Head.

    8. A student or instructor can appeal decisions regarding attendance to the appropriate Department Head, and if necessary to the Dean of the appropriate college. The Dean of the appropriate college is the final arbiter in all absence disputes.
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    Support Info

    The University Withdrawal Policy can be found on the UNG Policy Database website.

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    1. When a student is compelled for any reason to be absent from class, the student should immediately convey the reason for the absence directly to the instructor.

    2. If an instructor is concerned about the attendance of a student, he or she should communicate that concern in writing to the student and give the student the opportunity to articulate why he or she should not be subject to a University-Initiated Withdrawal.

    3. Requests for a University-Initiated Withdrawal should be submitted to the Department Head who will transmit the request to the Registrar for processing.

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