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Chalking on Campus

Responsible Department
Student Affairs
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    The use of sidewalk chalk by University Community Members is considered an acceptable way to promote campus events; to make announcements; and to share messages. The intent of this policy is: 1) to describe expectations for University Community Members who wish to chalk on sidewalks; 2) to ensure chalking does not permanently or adversely impact the campus grounds, and 3) to ensure messages are consistent with the law and University policy, including the Expressive Activity Policy.

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    University Community Member: Any persons enrolled at or employed by the University including faculty, staff, administrators and employees, and recognized University affiliated entities including University foundations, Student Organizations, University Departments, and Structured Volunteers.

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    The use of water-soluble chalk (sidewalk chalk) by students is permitted on University sidewalks, which have been designated as Limited Public Forums pursuant to the University’s Expressive Activity Policy, provided the chalking complies with the following requirements:

    1. Chalking is permitted only in open areas that can be directly washed by rain. The chalking must be on a horizontal surface not covered by an overhang or at least 10 feet away from the entrance of buildings.

    2. Chalking is prohibited on all structures and vertical surfaces, including buildings, military and other memorial monuments, walls, benches, signs, poles or columns, light poles, and trees.

    3. The material used to mark the sidewalk must be water-soluble (sidewalk chalk). The use of markers, paints, oil-based products, spray chalk, or other aerosol-based products is prohibited.

    4. Overwriting, erasing, defacing, or altering the chalking of another person or organization is prohibited during the hours of 5AM – 9PM.

    5. The content of the chalking must adhere to the law and other University policies, including but not limited to, the following: Discrimination and Harassment Policy, Student Code of Conduct, and the Policy on Commercial Sales and Solicitation.

    6. A determination that this policy has been violated will constitute grounds for the immediate removal of the material. The cost of removing the writings or any repairs required as a result of the violation may be assessed to the offending person(s) and/or organization.

    7. A student(s) and/or student organization accused of violating this policy also may be subject to University disciplinary action in accordance with the rules and procedures described in the Student Code of Conduct.

    8. All employees accused of violating this policy will be referred to Human Resources for disciplinary action.
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    Individuals who feel this policy has been violated should contact, The Dean of Students Office. The Dean of Students or their designees will investigate the concerns and make a determination if the policy has been violated.

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