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Background Investigation

Responsible Department
Human Resources
Effective Date
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    The purpose of this policy is to ensure that current and prospective employees and unpaid affiliates/volunteers at the University of North Georgia (the “University”) undergo background checks in order to protect the workplace and assist in making better hiring decisions.

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    1. Background Investigation – An investigation composed of a criminal background check (including social security number check and, for positions with access to or responsibility for financial resources, such as a purchase card, a credit check), confirmation of credentials and confirmation of employment history.

    2. Hiring Department – The department hiring a new employee (whether internally or externally), or promoting an existing employee.

    3. Moral Turpitude – Crimes of moral turpitude are generally those involving vileness or depravity with respect to the duties a person owes to other members of society or to society in general.  Of particular concern are those crimes involving violence, dishonesty or breach of trust.  Examples include but are not limited to murder, rape, fraud, embezzlement, and child abuse.

    4. Position of Trust – Sensitive positions that involve responsibilities demanding a significant degree of public trust with significant risk for causing damage or realizing personal gain.  Primary responsibilities to include but not limited to: the direct interaction or care of children under the age of 18 or direct patient care, security access (e.g., public safety, IT security, personnel records, or patient records), operation, access, or control of financial resources (e.g., P-card, handling of checks or cash, or Budget Authority in making significant financial decisions). (The Human Resources Department shall be responsible for identifying and maintaining a list of “Positions of Trust” for the University.)
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    1. In compliance with the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, it shall be a condition of employment with the University of North Georgia to submit to a Background Investigation.  Offers of employment shall be conditional pending the result of the Background Investigation, which shall include, at a minimum, the following:

      1. A state and federal criminal history check covering a minimum of seven (7) years.  The University may require state and federal criminal history check covering more than the minimum of seven (7) years for specified Positions of Trust;
      2. A nationwide sex offender search;
      3. A social security number check;
      4. For all professional, faculty and academic positions, an academic credentials check; and
      5. For all positions with access to or responsibility for money and/or a Purchase Card, a credit check.
      6. Additional requirements, as required by O.C.G.A. 35-8-8 (Requirements for appointment of persons as peace officers), as well as a credit check, will be completed on applicants for a Police Officer position.

    2. Disqualification of Employment – A candidate will be disqualified for employment for any of the following reasons:

      1. Conviction of a criminal drug offense shall disqualify a candidate for not less than three (3) months.  Any candidate who has been convicted of a second or subsequent criminal drug offense shall be ineligible for employment or re-employment for a period of five (5) years from the most recent date of conviction.

      2. Any false statement of material fact during the screening process.

      3. The candidate is or has been a member of an organization advocating the violent overthrow of the government of the United States.

      4. A felony conviction or conviction involving a crime of Moral Turpitude shall immediately disqualify an individual for employment in a Position of Trust.

    3. All Background Investigations shall be conducted through the University’s Office of Human Resources.

    4. A Background Investigation shall be performed on any existing employee being transferred, reassigned, reclassified or promoted to a Position of Trust unless a Background Investigation conforming to this policy and applicable procedures has been performed on such employee within the past year of the anticipated action.

    5. Any existing employee that is transferred, reassigned, reclassified or promoted into a position requiring a Purchase Card, when they have not been assigned a Purchase Card previously, must submit to a credit check. Existing cardholders are subject to a background check before next renewal of card.

    6. A candidate for employment, who has previously worked for the University, will be subject to a Background Investigation if the candidate has been separated from the University for a period of one year or more.

    7. Background Investigations are not required for most student employees unless they are working in a Position of Trust.

    8. Background Investigations will be required on all part-time, student or temporary employees, unpaid affiliates and volunteers with primary responsibilities involving the direct interaction or care of children under the age of 18.

    9. Current employees charged with or convicted of a crime (other than a minor traffic offense) must report any such event to the University for a review of how that event might affect their employment.

    10. A candidate must not start work until a successful Background Investigation has been completed.
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    Support Info

    The “Human Resources Administrative Practice Manual” published by The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia contains the guidelines all USG entities must follow.  The portion of that document which pertains to this policy can be referenced at

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    1. “Background Investigation – Procedures” will be maintained by the Office of Human Resources.

    2. Any procedures related to this policy must comply with and should reference this policy

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